Cara Registrasi

The bonus $5
Saw the development of the exchange of foreign currency or foreign currency was increasingly fast, then sprang up the company that made use of the profit from this exchange. It was money changer became the personal inspiration or the company to take the profit from the trade in foreign currency. More advanced again the development of trade companies in foreign currency began to develop an online method of carrying out the transaction forex/valas.Sebuah the company the trade valutas foreign that had an office the centre in England, that is Marketiva took part in undertaking the trade business in foreign currency with the online system (the internet connection). The company Marketiva provided the trade service in foreign currency with the very very simple system. Anyone could do trading foreign currency in Marketiva. The service that was provided it was said simple, because only was needed by 1 computer unit that coneksi with the internet then the person could trading foreign currency. Concerning the condition that was determined then relative was easy very much. The first condition if the candidate trader want to registered in Marketiva his condition must has had the RESIDENCY CARD/SIM or the identity card himself other. The RESIDENCY CARD/SIM or this other identity card before discan in the format file .jpeg with the measurement file might not exceed 100 family planning. The second condition was to have the email address that still was active. If has had file results scan the identity card and the email address then began to carry out the registration.
Steps in the registration really were easy. Approximately 5 minutes for the registration and the bonus the registration will be given by Marketiva.
Please visited url: marketiva
As for steps in the registration as follows:
- If being opened url Marketiva then chose the Open menu an the Account.
- the Contents form available. Especially form that had a red sign obligatory was filled up.
- After form has been filled up by the clique of the switch continue to continued
- Form optional user template chose the standard then.
- for Coupon could Passed
- the Recovery Question Contents and Recovery Answer appropriate wish
- the Clique of the switch next to continued
- Hit optional by the I article have read, understood... etc.
- the Clique finish
- the complete Message the registration will emerge: Your the account has just been created

Afterwards carried out the identification with upload file results scan the identity card. As for his method as follows:
- In web marketiva the clique of the account menu center
- chose the menu sub the account center
- the Clique of the menu services
- the Clique of the Identify Yourself menu
- to the menu browse please chose file scan the identity that would to upload
- to the menu browse the two might be chosen file that was same
- afterwards upload

After being finished you could carry out the process of the verification, this process could be carried out by means of:
- In website Marketiva chose Live Support
- Put username and clicked Connect to enter Live Chat support.
- Asked to Marketiva whether your account could be used.
- the Language might with the Indonesia language - was finished

To begin trading, trader must have software Streamster that could in download in Web Marketiva to the Get Streamster menu. After being finished download then installkan in the computer, began trading. May you be successful

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